about me :]

the name of this site just so happens to be my own username, 1dkreally!! you can call me 1dk (pronounced one-dee-kay) :]

im a genderqueer trans dude-ish who is trying out any pronouns except she/they, currently questioning again but last i checked i was aro and greyace. diagnosed with autism, but i likely have Lots Of Other Undiagnosed Stuff going on up in :thumbs_up:

surprisingly enough, i like things!! some of my fandoms include rtgame and his miitopia playthrough, pokemon, super mario/mario kart, chonnys charming chaos compedium, the stanley parable, and vocal synth (vocaloid, utau, etc)!! as well as these, i also have special interests in general history and the cartography/vexillology of nations, and i collect pins/badges, seaglass, and retro consoles :3 :3

im half irish and half scottish, tho ive largely grown up in scotland :]