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17/03/2024 - thank you for 40k views!!!! i want to thank federiefederi for featuring my site button, it's really helped with getting my site out there!!! for anyone who doesn't know, federiefederi is a neocities directory with a focus on promoting smaller sites, i highly recommend checking them out if you haven't already :3

i recently finished my second college art project :] by which i mean i had three mini-projects - a 2D piece, a 3D piece, and a video! i don't know whether or not i've passed yet, but im hoping for the best lmao

now i have to decide on the single piece i'll be working on for the next 8 weeks :'] i've already put in my first project proposal, but i've been told that i need to be more specific with what i want to do, which i am... Nervous about, to say the least. my project theme is order and chaos, and i think i wanna do mixed-media? but then one of my lecturers mentioned animation, which we haven't covered this year and that i don't really know anything about, but it's something i really wanna do in the future and i don't know if i'd be able to go to animation school if i don't have any prior experience...

anyways, i have a week off! will try to update the site a bit more lmao

also HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY [CONFETTI] [CONFETTI] [CONFETTI] i am. not doing anything special other than having irish food bc it isn't celebrated up here lol

12/02/2024 - erm. late happy new year ??

you may or may not have noticed that i've been more active lately, and that is because...

i am SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (insert tbh creature yippie with confetti clip)

dw, nothing serious!! just a nasty cold. being sick means that i'm just laying around the house, and turns out that was exactly what i needed in order to get the motivation to actually pick up my laptop :3 i'm almost fully recovered and will likely be returning to college soon, so don't expect this activity streak to go on too long LOL

speaking of college, it's going well! i currently have 3 mini-projects - one in a 3d medium, one in a 2d medium, and a 2-min video. as well as that, i also have a promotional vid for the college that i still need to finish oopsie- things aren't due for another 4 weeks tho, so hopefully that's enough time (nervous laughing that turns into crying)

also i got a new hyperfix - chonny jash!! he makes a bunch of remixes for indie artists such as tally hall and will wood, and has a few originals too! i heavily recommend chonny's charming chaos compedium, vol. 1 - a 27-song tally hall (+ related) cover album with a whole new story of its own :33333 (I Really Need To Make That Shrine)

anyways i'm still alive. just about :thumbs_up:

02/12/2023 - hello hello!! just some life updates :3

i finished my first art project for college!! i now have a week off while my work gets marked, and i'll try be more active? no promises tho LMAO

my birthday was also recently, i just turned 17 a couple weeks ago! i got my provisional drivers license and now scotlands roads are 10000% more dangerous :)

i saw the podiatrist, and turns out i have Really Bad flat feet. i now have proper insoles for my shoes and they sorta help?? im still in pain if i stand for too long but i can def be on my feet for longer, which is nice :3

unfortunately i'm in a brain-space where i'm not really focused on this site rn :( updates will likely stay infrequent, though i may update a couple things here and there over the next week lol

16/09/2023 - turns out i wasn't lying when i said updates would be less frequent AKDSJDJSK

yeah, art school has kept me very busy; and i've not had the motivation to work on the site :( a couple tweaks here and there, but nothing substantial.

speaking of, college is going pretty well!! i knew 2 people already (1 from my last school, 1 from my social science course last year), but our course got split into 2 classes and i got separated from my social science pal and we rlly havent been talking as much :( however, i have been talking to my old school pal much more, i guess it cancels out? though it feels disrespectful at best to describe it like that lmfaoo

other life update!! im finally seeing a podiatrist about my pain!! lets just hope they take me seriously and dont just call me fat, like im more consistently active than i have been previously yet its only gotten worse so if they say that i may have to start killing

updates will likely continue to be infrequent until the tattie holidays in october, where i'll have a bit more time to myself :]

21/08/2023 - so, it's been a while since ive updated this lmao

so for a start, happy 2 month-iversary!! at 00:11 i have only just realised that 1) it's been 2 months since i first created this site and 2) i missed the 1 month-iversary DSJDSHDSJ

next, you can pretty much expect this "blog" space to just be thanking people for visiting, but thank you again for visiting my site!!! i'd like to think that 11k is a pretty big achievement :3

i got the alt chatbox set up, but unfortunately it had a bug where only those in the same timezone as me would have their comments register :( however, i now believe that this is fixed!! i was also recommended a viewer counter that uses javascript native to my site, so no more inaccurate counters!!!!!!!

i start my new college year tomorrow. i decided to move over from social science to art; i just hope it was the right decision. i know that i'm not supposed to have my life plans all together at 16, but i feel that i should anyways. doesn't help that a combination of autism + being unable to stand for long periods of time lock me out of any job within 100 miles, so it's not like i can even take a gap year to work, even if i wanted to... i just worry that i'll never settle on something.

website updates will likely be less frequent with the new school year, just a heads up !!! tho tbf ive already been getting more infrequent anyways LMAO, i plan on adding more drawn elements but idk when aksjcdjdskj

17/07/2023 - it's been 2 days!!! 3k visitors!!! thankyou /genuine!!!!!! also i'm just gonna accept that the js counter is never gonna be accurate, i may move/delete it at some point-

and funny enough, just as i add my cbox, i see a tumblr post about an alternate, much more customisable chatbox that someone developed! while i do wish i'd seen it sooner, i'm very glad that i saw it at all, and you should add it too! the site is linked in the changelog, and i believe in my site source code too? either way, i'm sure you can find it :3

15/07/2023 - we hit 2k visitors!!!!!!! (tho the javascript counter doesn't seem to match what my neocities profile says, idk what the issue is but i just re-changed the initial value to match the neocities profile number AHXHCBCHS) thank you all for visiting my site, i really appreciate it <33

my next plans for the site are to add either a guestbook or a chatbox, and start filling the place with collections and shrines!! speaking of, should i add a guestbook or a live chatbox? i'm not really sure what the benefits/drawbacks of either are, so any input on the matter left on my neocities profile would be vv much appreciated!!!!!!

update from later: i added the chatbox, but i'm not so sure if i'm such a fan? a lot of customisation is locked behind a paywall :( ah well, i'll keep it for now and see how things go!

05/07/2023 - hi there!! i decided to add a blog here for any thoughts i have that i'm willing to put into full sentences and i also needed something to put here after i moved the graphics to their own page JXNCJCJXBCX

as such, i probably wont be updating this much lmao. i also just want to say thanks for nearly 2k site visits (3/4s of the way at time of writing)!!! it means a lot to me that people are enjoying my newest little hobby, even so early on :3

this is also reminding me that i want to add a guestbook, i'll get round to it i prommy !!

but yeah!!! tldr i have a blog here now and i'm vv thankful for everyone visiting :]