my favourite pokemon :3

due to my first introduction to the franchise being a handbook rather than any games or anime, my favourite pokemon were not which ones were the best in battle or the most popular. as i only had a picture and a short description to go off of, 7 year old me's favourites were the ones that i thought had the best designs. and despite being almost 10 years older and having played at least a tiny bit of nearly every mainline game, those favourites seem to have stuck around!


wow, you'll never guess which games i really got invested in first.

yeah, i'm an absolute sucker for the alola starters! i love their designs, i love how well their secondary types fit, i love how they play, i love almost everything about them! their base and middle evolutions are both my favourites across the franchise, and it would be the same for the final evos if not for...


yep. 10 year old me chose litten and saw the coolest fucking base and middle starters of its life and was horrified to see That appear on the screen. but honestly? after nearly 7 years (7 years of alola??? i had no idea they were that old omg), i'm starting to warm up to this fire-fighting-except-not-really buff furry! the other two still surpass it by miles imo, but i think i've finally come to peace with what actually happened over what could've been.

pokemon from the PDEH

yep, i'm shortening the name of the pokemon deluxe essential handbook because it's a lot of typing that i can't be fucked with. you may notice that there's a trend with almost all of these; my younger self's favourite genre of pokemon were the pretty and cute ones! and while some of these may have been ruined for me by the internet cough cough lopunny and gardevoir cough, i still have soft spots for many of these, even if i don't often use them on main teams when playing! also side note: if someone can tell me where to get transparent sprites for gen 1 and 2 then that'd be highly appreciated-

other faves

these are some other favourites of mine that i didn't discover in the pdeh! they might be my faves because i'm now in spaces where they're popular, because i tried them temporarily and found i liked em, or any other reasons!! :3