fave voicebanks !!

vocal synth software would be nothing without its voices!!! these are all my faves for each vsynth im familiar with :3
i should probably say now that im much more familiar with vocaloid, but please give me synthv and utau recs if you have any bc i absolutely need to listen to more of em ajsfjfks


gumi / megpoid

megpoid is a vocaloid by internet co., ltd, voiced by megumi nakajima and first released for vocaloid2 in 2009. unlike many other vsynths, the name of the vocal software and the name of the mascot representing said software are different for. some reason, with the former being megpoid and the latter being gumi!!

gumi is largely considered to be the most popular non-crypton vocaloid and because of that, its no surprise that most vsynth songs i listen to use gumi in some form, and i dont have an issue with that!! i believe she deserves the title, she has a diverse set of brilliant-sounding voicebanks for any occasion :]

gumi v4 native


fukase is a vocaloid developed by yamaha, who also built the vocaloid engine! he was voiced by satoshi fukase from japanese band SEKAI NO OWARI and released for vocaloid4 in 2016.

fukase is among my favourite male vocaloid synths, but unfortunately he is infamous for having a strict licence in which anyone wanting to use his voice for commercial purposes must ask permission. this licensing means that he does not have as many original songs as may be expected, with fukase users often using him for covers that they would not have been able to profit off of anyways. with that being said if anyone has fukase original recs other than corrosion - rip (i already know and love it) then PLEASE share em im DESPERATE for more fukase originals

flower / vflower

flower is a vocaloid by gynoid co., ltd, which was first released in 2014 for vocaloid3. she is another vocaloid in which the software and character have different names, with the software being named vflower and v4flower for vocaloid3 and vocaloid4 respectively, and the character simply being "flower". her voice provider has stayed anonymous over the years, but i hope they know that they have a lovely voice :]

flower holds the award for having the most viewed vocaloid song in history, with goodbye declaration - chinozo being the first vocaloid song to reach 100 million views on any platform.

as well as being a vocaloid, flower also had a cevio voicebank released in 2023, known as ciflower. however while the voice and design are nice enough i just really dont think theyre flower, i feel as if they took away everything that made her unique :(



oliver is a vocaloid developed by powerfx systems ab, in collaboration with vocatone. he was released in 2011 for vocaloid3 and due to being underage, his voice provider was never revealed.

oliver was designed for being a little english choir boy, and it really works with many of his popular songs surrounding themes of horror. oliver was also the very first vocaloid i ever heard!! my first vocaloid song was amygdalas rag doll - ghost, after hearing it used in animation memes in 2017. ive been a fan of vocaloid ever since, and oliver has remained a favourite of mine :3

vy2 / yuuma

vy2 is a vocaloid developed by bplats, inc. under yamaha. he was released in 2011 and designed to be a "standard" for the vocaloid2 engine, with his name literally standing for "vocaloid yamaha 2". he is a part of the vy series consisting of vy2 with vy1, cyber diva, and cyber songman, which are all supposed to provide a standard for the vocaloid software. as well as his name, vy2 also has a codename, that being yuuma!!

the character image i used for vy2 may be confusing, and that is because vy2 has no official humanoid avatar! he is instead represented by a wakizashi sword, so that any character can be imprinted onto the voice. while he has a masculine voice and is often referred to with he/him pronouns, vy2 also has no canon gender! he may not have an official human mascot, but many use this fan illustration by ryuuguu tsukasa, which won a competition to decide a placeholder vy2 design for an illustration book :3

ive only recently fallen in love with vy2!! while i had heard him before i heard totemo itai itagaritai in project sekai a few months back, and he became one of my faves there and then :3 however i dont know many vy2 songs, i am once again begging for song recs /silly /reference





solaria is the first synthv vocal developed by eclipsed sounds, llc, released in early 2022. her voice provider is american singer-songwriter and broadway performer emma rowley.

solaria breaks a few records for synthv!!! shes the first from eclipsed sounds and the first english-speaking synthv vocal developed by a western company, as well as being the third english-speaking synthv, having been announced when the only english-speaking synthv was eleanor forte from all the way back in 2018!!

i Love solaria. i never really cared for synthv until i heard her for the first time, and now ive fallen in love with the software!! shes such a powerful vocal, i plan on downloading her lite voicebank soon enough :3


asterian is another synthv vocal by eclipsed sounds, llc. his voice provider is american voice acter and singer eric holloway, and he was released in late 2022.

ohmygod. oh my god. asterian is my favourite synthv, and he may be one of my favourite vocal synths of all time!!!! his voice is so unique, i notice that with many male vsynths their users will pitch them uncomfortably high, so its great to see a bass singer in the mix :3 i fell in love with him the moment i heard him, i really encourage you to listen to asterian songs as i think hes underrated as hell !!!! eclipsed sounds makes SUCH good vocals and im SO excited for SAROS whos supposed to be coming out within the next few months!!



margaret 'meg' samsa/megumi kokkeisha

margaret "meg" samsa / megumi kokkeisha

margaret "meg" samsa, originally named and more commonly known as megumi kokkeisha, is an utau voiced and designed by jayzeroey and released in 2021.

HER VOICE IS SO POWERFUL ???? she has the most AMAZING androgynous voice i fell in love w her the MOMENT i heard her. im begging u to listen to songs w her, especially jayzeroeys covers of mind brand - maretu and identity - kanaria bc ohmygod. Oh My God /positive

mawarine shuu

mawarine shuu is an utau released in 2015 and voiced by shoohey.

ive only JUST found out about shuu and i already love him sm. i esp recommend the cover of corpse dance - kikuo by charlieisntthere, im a kikuo fan yet id say the cover is even better than the original <3

mawarine shuu

other / multiple

kasane teto (synthv)

kasane teto

kasane teto was one of the first vsynths released for utau, voiced by oyamano mayo. she was originally created to be a fake "vocaloid" to troll actual vocaloid fans, being released on april fools 2008. she also has a synthv ai voicebank, developed by ah-software co. ltd. and released in 2023!

teto my beloved. like many others, i originally thought she was a vocaloid before finding out that she belongs to another software entirely! teto is arguably the most well-known and popular utau vsynth, and for good reason!! i will admit that at first i wasnt used to her synthv voicebank, as i much preferred the robotic-ness of her utau vb over the realism of her synthv voice. however, ive come to love kasane teto synthv!! one sounding more realistic than the other doesnt make either better or worse, they both sound absolutely wonderful :]

"hey, if none of the cryptonloids are your faves then why do you have so many graphics of th-" theyre popular. i can hardly find graphics for anyone else. most of my faves are either too unpopular, too recent, or Both LMAO i should probably just make em myself akdsjfjfk