fave songs :333

expect this list to stay the same for ages then completely turn on its head one day JSJDKSJHASKS


perfectly sweet (maika) - vane lily

matryoshka (hatsune miku + gumi) - kenshi yonezu / hachi

totemo itai itagaritai (vy1 + vy2) - ezfg

candle boy (oliver) - steampianist

chronic wasting disease (asterian) - r.i.p / riproducer

scapegā™¾at (yuma, stardust, asterian, kevin) - ghost / ghost & pals


lost ones weeping (hatsune miku + fukase) - jade s.
[original - neru ft. kagamine rin]

siu (vy2) - suzie / suzie-p
[original - maretu ft. hatsune miku]

identity (megumi kokkeisha / margaret samsa + aria) - jayzeroey + mekari
[original - kanaria ft. gumi, hatsune miku]

fruiting bodies (fukase) - bug sprxy
[original - r.i.p / riproducer ft. gumi]

bug (otomachi una) - will wood memes
[original - kakiri bear ft. hatsune miku]

mind brand (megumi kokkeisha / margaret samsa) - jayzeroey
[original - maretu ft. hatsune miku]